Announcement of the Call

for expression of interest to attend the 2nd TwiNSol-CECs Summer School

It is a pleasure for the TwiNSol-CECs team from the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, to announce and host the 2nd TwiNSol-CECs Summer School on Innovative Technologies for Water Treatment: Removal of Micropollutants with Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Focus (hereafter the School) that will be held at Faculty of Technology Novi Sad (TFNS) 8-12 June 2024. 

Main topics of the School are:

  • Membrane Technologies
  • Biosorption Technologies
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes.

There are also parallel topics important for creation of international research projects and multidisciplinary research teams on the latest challenges in front of the transition towards a toxic free environment:

  • Preparation and implementation of the Horizon Europe project
  • Life Cycle Assessment: the most inclusive method to analyze environmental benefits and trade-offs resulting from complex systems

The Program of the School, consisting of 5 days of theoretical and practical sessions, is available here.

The lectures will be delivered by TwiNSol-CECs researchers from the NOVA University, NOVA School of Science and Technology, and TFNS, while laboratory support will be given by the TFNS researchers. The official language is English. 

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2nd TwiNSol-CECs Workshop

Advanced Water Treatments in Emerging Contaminants Mitigation with Cutting-Edge Technologies
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, Serbia
June 6-7, 2024

The 2nd TwiNSol-CECs Workshop entitled "Advanced Water Treatments in Emerging Contaminants Mitigation with Cutting-Edge Technologies" is designed to bring together experts, researchers, and industry professionals to explore and address challenges of rising presence of emerging contaminants in various water sources through the lens of innovative technologies. Our primary objective is to delve into the potential of advanced water treatment technologies, with a special focus on three key topics: Membrane Technologies, Biosorption Technologies, and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs). Each of these domains plays a pivotal role in reshaping the water treatment and holds promise in mitigating the impact of emerging contaminants. Participants are encouraged to contribute their insights, share experiences, and foster collaborative discussions that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

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Computational methods as a support for membrane-based separation technologies




We are thrilled to announce an upcoming on-site training event, "Computational Methods as a Support for Membrane-Based Separation," which is scheduled to take place at the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad at the end of September. This comprehensive training program will offer a unique opportunity to delve into the world of membrane technologies and gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in this field.
Date: September 26-27, 2023
Location: Faculty of Technology Novi Sad
The corresponding training program is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical sessions. We are proud to present two distinguished experts, Dr. Sylwin Pawlowski and Dr. Claudia Galinha, who will lead the training sessions. They are renowned scientist in the field of membrane technologies and come to us from the prestigious NOVA University, Lisbon.
During the "Computational Methods as a Support for Membrane-Based Separation" training, participants can expect in-depth discussions and hands-on experiences on the following subjects:

  • New techniques for development of membranes and devices (electrospinning and 3D printing) - Cutting-edge methods such as electrospinning and 3D printing, which have revolutionized membrane design and fabrication will be presented.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics - Participants will obtain a profound understanding of the computational tools and techniques used in fluid dynamics simulations, specifically tailored for membrane-based separation processes.
  • Membrane Characterization and Modeling Tools: 2D Fluorescence and statistical analysis - advancements in membrane characterization, including 2D fluorescence and statistical analysis methods, and their relevance in modeling membrane behavior will be discussed and tested.

Detailed information regarding scheduled program can be found on the following link - Computational Methods as a Support for Membrane-Based Separation Program.
Keep an eye on our website, social network profiles and email notifications for updates.
This training is open to all individuals interested in membrane-based separation technologies, from students to professionals. The training aims to enhance understanding of computational methods in membrane science and technology.
We look forward to welcoming you to this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the dynamic field of membrane technologies.

Membrane Separation Technologies in the Spotlight




After almost one year of successful TwiNSol-CECs project implementation, membrane separation technologies, which stand at the forefront among innovative solutions for CECs removal from water resources, are coming into focus. A series of lectures and trainings will be given by our colleagues from the project partner institution NOVA University Lisbon - School of Science and Technology (UNL), who have a significant expertise in the application of membrane separation technologies in the water purification and treatment.
UNL team lead by a world-known expert in membrane processes Prof. Joao Crespo, will prepare and provide a series of lectures with a focus on state-of-the-art knowledge on understanding and designing of membrane separation processes. Through the corresponding knowledge transfer either in the form of training lessons or online presentations, TFNS researchers will have a chance to improve their knowledge and skills and hence raise scientific excellence of both personal and institutional competences.
Firstly, a great opportunity for all researchers interested in the membrane technology to listen and learn from the very best will be a scientific online lecture given by Prof. Joao Crespo on “Pressure driven membrane separation processes”.
Afterwards, the second online lecture entitled “Integration of membrane and disinfection processes for water treatment and reuse” will be held by another UNL - membrane processes top leading expert, Dr. Vanessa Pereira.
At the end of September, an on-site training with theoretical and practical sessions named “Computational methods as a support for membrane based separation” will be organized at Faculty of Technology Novi Sad. During the training, Dr. Sylwin Pawlowski and Dr. Claudia Galinha, both recognized experts in the field of membrane technologies, coming from UNL, will provide a head-to-head knowledge transfer on the following topics:
• New techniques for development of membranes and devices (electrospinning and 3D printing),
• Computational fluid dynamics,
• Membranes characterization and modelling tools: 2d fluorescence and statistical analysis.
The exact dates and agenda will be available soon at the social media profiles of the TwiNSol-CECs project.

Book of Abstract

The 1st TwiNSol-CECs Workshop, „Advance multicompound analyses and novel solutions for protection of environmental resources with contaminants of emerging concern in focus“
The 1st TwiNSol-CECs Workshop „Advance multicompound analyses and novel solutions for protection of environmental resources with contaminants of emerging concern in focus“ was organized at the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, 20-21 October 2022; read more about the Workshop (r6_4_1st_twinsol-cecs_workshop-report-oct2022.pdf).
The Workshop Book of Abstract is available at link

It is our pleasure to announce that three Principle Scientific Boards of the Ministry of Science, Technological development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, i.e. Scientific Board for Chemistry, Scientific Board for Management, Protection, and Use of Water, Soil, and Air, and Scientific Board for Materials and Chemical Technologies, gave their opinions about the 1st TwiNSol-CECs Workshop, proclaiming it as an International event and assigning it a international category M30.

Funded by the European Union

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Acronym: TwiNSol-CECs
Start date: 1st August 2022
End date: 31st July 2025
Budget: € 1 432 937,50
Coordinator: TFNS
GA: 101059867

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